Jessica Simpson spoke about her dyslexia and recorded an audiobook

Almost a year has passed since the release of Jessica Simpson’s memoir, Open Book. During this time, the book has become a bestseller, and recently Jessica presented her audio version, which she read herself.

Simpson shared this news in a new post on her Instagram, clarifying that the process of recording work was not easy for her because of her peculiarity – dyslexia (a violation of the ability to master the skills of reading and writing. – Ed.). The star admitted that for the sake of recording an audiobook, she had to overcome her own fears and self-doubt.

Open Book, thank you for this therapy! The transformation of my old fears into wisdom was exciting. I am grateful for this with all my heart. Fact: I have dyslexia and this was the first time I read aloud without hesitation. I did it for the listeners, for the sake of my family and for myself, – Jessica shared her amazing experience.

After this recognition, Simpson joined the ranks of stars who had previously told the whole world about the same problem. Many years ago, Tom Cruise, Keira Knightley and other stars admitted this, and recently the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke Maya followed their example. The rising star said that she considers this feature of hers not at all a disadvantage, but the main gift in life.

Recall that in her memoirs “Open Book” Jessica Simpson frankly shared the details of her personal life, talked about addiction to alcohol and pills and her difficult childhood. So, in one of the chapters, the actress and singer admitted that in childhood she became a victim of sexual abuse by the daughter of her family’s friends.

She, too, was a victim of an abuser because she was being bullied by an older guy. He, too, was always at home, but he never touched me. He mocked her, and she came to me and did the same to me. Therefore, I felt guilty in front of her and allowed her to do it, – said Simpson about her painful experience.

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