Jessica Alba shared pictures of her grown son

Jessica Alba delighted fans with pictures of Hayes’ grown-up son. The kid was three years old, and the actress showed footage from the holiday. On her page on the social network, the 39-year-old star published a touching post that delighted the actress’s subscribers.

“This little guy taught us all how to enjoy every moment to the fullest,” comments Jessica.

Alba showed many pictures of Hayes and several videos of the boy unpacking gifts received for his birthday. The kid goes down the steps to the room, where many boxes with gifts are waiting for him. For his birthday, Hayes was given a set of trains, toy cars, and more. Also, the party itself is in the auto style. We didn’t forget about a special birthday cake.

Alba noted that baby Hayes became a little ray of sunshine that brought out the best in those around him every day despite a difficult year.

“He wakes up every morning with a smile and comes running to us. I love you, my dear angel! ” – says the actress.

Jessica is the mother of many children. She has three heirs: 12-year-old daughter Honor Marie, 9-year-old Haven Garner and baby Hayes, who turned 3 on December 31. Alba brings up children with her husband Cash Warren, whom she has been married to since 2008.

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