Jessica Alba retired from cinema due to serious health problems

American actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba said that she left the cinema at the peak of her career due to serious health problems, Entertainment Tonight reports.

“My mother had cancer at a very young age when she was about 20 years old. I grew up with a chronic illness. Until the age of 11, I had five operations. I had a chronic allergy, and as a child, I was often hospitalized, ” the actress recalled.

She noted that she began to take her condition more seriously after her daughter Honor was born in 2008. “At some point, I realized that I want to live, prosper and spend as much time as possible with this little person whom I brought into this world. I realized that health is important. I wanted my child to be healthy too. It’s terribly difficult to be happy when you’re sick, ” said Alba.

In 2011, the actress founded The Honest Company, which produces non-toxic products.

Author: Sam Smith
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