Jesse J announced a new romance after breaking up with Channing Tatum

Former beloved of Channing Tatum opened up with fans about her personal life. The reason for this was an article in an online publication that talked about what Jesse was seen on a date and published pictures from the scene.

In the photo, Jesse is having dinner with a young man and feeding him from his fork. The singer was horrified by her appearance in the photos, so she decided to finally reveal her boyfriend’s identity and share more successful pictures with her boyfriend with her fans. Jay’s current beloved is dancer and choreographer Max Pham Nguyen.

“The article is cute, but these photos … I look like an old man with a boat or Lord Farquad’s father [from Shrek]. And Max in the shot is trying a salad from my fork, yes. We thought you deserve better photos, ” Jesse wrote and accompanied the post with a series of cute pictures with her lover. The singer also clarified that Max is “not a friend.” Attentive fans laughed when they noticed that in geolocation, Jay indicated “Shrek’s Castle”.

Before dating Max, Jesse dated Channing Tatum. The couple broke up and reconciled several times, but in the spring of 2020, the actor and singer parted completely. During the quarantine, Jesse made it clear that she was self-isolating alone.

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