Jesse Cave from Harry Potter shows her newborn son

Actress Jesse Cave, whom everyone knows for her role as Lavender Brown from the Harry Potter films, is already a mother of many children at the age of 33. She is raising 5-year-old son Donnie and 3-year-old daughter Margot, and at the end of October, her youngest son was born.

The girl admits that her significant other, comedian Alfie Brown, and their older children are delighted with the new family member and are happy. But the first days of the baby were difficult for him and his mother. The boy ended up in intensive care, where he was taken almost immediately after birth.

Jesse Cave says that the first night her son spent in a hospital room was a very traumatic experience for her. Moreover, the emotional state of the young mother was unstable before that due to the situation with the coronavirus.

The actress helped her to cope with the difficulties of her followers on Instagram. When the girl shared her experiences with them, they bombarded her with words of support, and some began to share their own similar experiences.

“I’ve learned so much,” Cave admitted.

Now that the baby is at home and safe, the actress, in gratitude to her fans, pleases them with photos of her son. Moreover, the face of the newborn, unlike many stellar parents, she does not hide. One of the recent pictures Cave posted when the boy was two weeks and one day old. In the photo, she gently hugs her son, dressed in red and white overalls, to her chest.

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