JerryRigEverything named the toughest and most fragile smartphones of 2020

Blogger Zach Nelson, aka JerryRigEverything, known for his extreme testing of gadgets, has tested dozens of smartphones over the past year, so I decided to make my own rating.

The title of the most repairable smartphone in 2020 went to Google Pixel 5. You can replace the display on it in just 1 minute – of course, if your hands are from where you need to. But this same model became the most deceiving one. All because of the “metal” body, although in fact only the inner part is made of metal.

The strongest smartphone turned out to be its younger brother, the Pixel 4a. ZTE Axon 20 was named the most innovative gadget. And it is not surprising, because this is the first commercial device with a sub-screen front camera.

Apple devices were also not without the iPhone 12 Pro Max won in the category of “most beautiful internal layout”.

In addition, Zack recognized the OnePlus Nord as the least strong, and the gaming Black Shark 3 is the most unrepairable.

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