Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki talk about filming the Supernatural finale

For fifteen seasons of Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchesters bravely fought vampires and demons, ended up in hell, and in addition died many times, but it turned out that events in the real world can be even more terrible. On March 13, the production of the series had to be suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, and for a long time, fans did not know when their favorite characters would continue their journey.

Fortunately, work on the show was in full swing again in July, and filming ended a week ago. But the days on the set turned out to be very responsible – Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles told about this in an interview with Variety. Jared stressed that if they were reckless, “it would mean stopping production and putting people out of work again,” so “everyone was even more careful than necessary.” The actor also admitted that on weekends they tried once again not to appear on the street, just to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

Jensen added that everyone took what was happening very seriously, and therefore he felt even safer onset than at home.

Everyone is tested, everyone is healthy and checked so often that you know for sure: no one carries a disease in himself, added the actor. He also said that he was “comfortable hugging the members of the film crew, knowing that everyone was safe.”

We will remind, “Supernatural” will return to screens on October 8, and fans will see the final episode on November 19.