Jennifer Lopez postponed her wedding to Alex Rodriguez twice due to the pandemic

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged back in March 2019. At first, the lovers were in no hurry with the wedding because of the singer’s big concert tour timed to coincide with her 50th birthday. After graduation, Jen decided to relax a little, and then finally began planning the wedding.

However, the holiday had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the world. In April, Lopez and Rodriguez announced their intention to get married after the end of the pandemic, setting a date for the summer of 2020. But then they did not yet know that the increase in incidence would continue, and in the fall in many countries, the second wave of coronavirus would begin.

In a recent conversation with Access Hollywood, 51-year-old Lopez said she was thinking about postponing the wedding with 45-year-old Rodriguez, and explained why she and her lover are not planning to rush into a modest holiday ceremony.

Over the past year, we had to postpone the wedding twice due to the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. Many people don’t even know that we actually cancelled the celebration twice at different times. The first time it didn’t work out, then the second time, so I don’t know when it actually will happen. Now we think like this: “Let’s just wait it out.” There is no hurry. We are fine. It will happen when the time is right, – said Lopez.

Jennifer admitted that the wedding is not their main goal with Alex. Now they enjoy the moments together, and the time they spend with their children:

I feel that a big and noisy wedding is not a priority for us right now. We live and enjoy each other.

As a reminder, Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2019, shortly after they celebrated their second anniversary. Before they met, they both already had the family experience. Jennifer has been married three times and has two children from her marriage to Mark Anthony. Rodriguez until 2008 was married to Cynthia Skertis, in a relationship with whom daughters Natasha and Ella were born.

Even before the pandemic, Jennifer Lopez admitted that the wedding with Alex is essential to her.

Marriage is important to both of us. Alex and I come from traditional Latin American families, so we both want to officially become husband and wife as soon as possible. Each person needs someone with whom he will grow old together. No matter how interesting your job is, no matter how much you earn, in the end, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is the family, – Lopez said in an interview.

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