Jennifer Lopez confirms that she will not return to Alex Rodriguez

Reunited with Ben Affleck, singer Jennifer Lopez literally buried all Alex Rodriguez’s hopes of reuniting with her. After J.Lo officially broke up with Alex, her life is slowly but surely getting better: every now and then the star appears in public in an embrace with Affleck, kisses the actor publicly and in every possible way demonstrates passion.

It would seem that what could be better – J. Lo and Ben are happy, they even said that the actor and singer were going to get married. However, the only one left out of work was Alex Rodriguez. The man still has tender feelings for his former darling, tries in every possible way to get closer to her and even threw a tantrum the other day because he was not invited to the party where Lopez was.

Recently, the paparazzi posted pictures that are most likely to finally bury Rodriguez’s hopes for a reunion. Photographers caught the happy Affleck and Lopez hugging in a Hollywood amusement park, and then in the Hamptons. In Hollywood, lovers appeared with their children, thereby introducing the heirs to each other.

The web, in turn, concluded that the couple’s intentions were serious, because being friends with the offspring of the second half is important for any person in love.

It is noteworthy that Lopez herself literally glows with happiness and does not want to hide it. Even in regular social media videos, Jen smiles broadly, showing everyone the joy of what is happening.

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