Jennifer Lawrence with her husband Cook Maroney on a walk in New York

30-year-old Jennifer Lawrence and her 34-year-old husband Cook Maroney were spotted on a New York street. Despite the example of US President Donald Trump, who, even being sick with coronavirus, considers wearing a mask optional and urges not to be afraid of illness, the couple did not neglect personal protective equipment and even wore masks on the street.

The couple, who leads a rather private lifestyle, will celebrate their first wedding anniversary this month with a gala wedding party on October 19 at Belcourt Estate in Newport, Rhode Island. Among the guests of the newlyweds were Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Adele, and many other stars.

Recently, by the way, the actress was suspected of pregnancy. The network got pictures in which Jen’s belly seemed to be rounded. But there has not yet been confirmation of rumors about her interesting position.