Jennifer Garner has fun with Bradley Cooper after breaking up with her boyfriend

No sooner had fans gotten used to the news that 48-year-old Jennifer Garner had broken up with her 42-year-old boyfriend John Miller, as the star gave everyone a new reason for discussion. The other day she was spotted in the company of her colleague and longtime friend, 45-year-old Bradley Cooper.

Jennifer with Bradley and his three-year-old daughter Leia had fun on one of the beaches in Malibu. According to eyewitnesses, the stars talked about something, laughed a lot, and played together with Leia. At some point, Cooper with a naked torso started doing exercises right on the sand, and Jen sat next to him and watched what was happening – this moment in the communication of old friends seemed especially playful to those on the beach.

It became known about Garner’s parting with Miller only yesterday, while the actress has been in the status of “free” for about six months. The couple ended their romantic relationship even before Los Angeles was quarantined, while the former lovers remained on friendly terms: their close friends do not even exclude the possibility that after some time they will get back together.

Cooper has not been seen with anyone since breaking up with 34-year-old Irina Shayk. The couple announced their breakup in June 2019, but continue to raise their common daughter Leia together.

Author: Sam Smith
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