Jennifer Aniston responded to the rumour about the child adoption

Jennifer Aniston, 52, has dated many famous men and has been married twice, but it seems that family life is not a priority for the actress. There is very little information about Jen’s personal life lately, which is fertile ground for rumours.

For example, recently, there was news that Aniston adopted a child. Insiders of The Mirror reported that the actress allegedly dreamed about this for many years and recently finally took a girl from a Mexican orphanage, which she helped financially for many years.

However, soon the journalists of TMZ contacted the actress’s representative, and he said that the news was “complete fiction.”

Previously, Aniston was more than once suspected of pregnancy. Several years ago, the actress spoke about this: “I’m not pregnant. But I’m fed up with this news. I’m tired of women being treated so closely. This is objectification. It is absurd. It interferes with life. The way I am shown in the media reflects the way the world perceives women in general. News like this [pregnancy diagnosis by photo] reinforces this inhuman view of women and focuses solely on their appearance. “Is she pregnant? Or did she overeat? Did she run herself? Maybe her marriage collapsed because of this? “. Maybe someday I will become a mother. If this happens, I will be the first to tell you about it. But I do not strive for motherhood because I feel in some way inferior. And it pisses me off that this feeling is spurred on by observing how ‘my body changed’ when I ate a hamburger or was shot from the wrong angle. “

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