Jennifer Aniston becomes the face of a healthy lifestyle company

Jennifer Aniston, 51, became the face of the new brand and starred in an advertising campaign to support it. The actress is a fan of sports and an adherent of a healthy lifestyle in general. Keeping in shape and looking good star helps not only proper nutrition and regular exercise, but also taking vitamins that support her body from the inside.

Aniston started taking a collagen complex a few years ago to improve the condition of her skin, muscles and bones and recently accepted an offer to be the face of a new advertising campaign for the brand. In the new shots, Jennifer demonstrates her toned and tanned body while doing exercises.

I am delighted to join the company as a creative director. Many years ago I started taking this brand of collagen, so when I was asked to become part of the brand in a broader sense, I jumped at it right away. I have always been a supporter of self-care and now I want to tell others about the importance of taking collagen. Our strength starts from within, so nutrition and supplementation are my choices. This is how I start every day, Jennifer told about her new assignment.

Aniston’s personal trainer Leyon Azubuike revealed last year that his ward’s diet includes a lot of foods that are high in healthy fats. The star’s diet consists of avocado, coconut oil, salmon and more.

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