Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt flirted during online readings

The 1982 comedy film “Easy Times at Ridgemont High” premiered live readings recently. The event took place online and featured many of the top actors including Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Interestingly, the former spouses Pitt and Aniston got the characters involved in the erotic scene. Pitt played Brad Hamilton, and Aniston got the role of Linda Barrett, his sister’s best friend. In one scene, Brad enjoys sexual fantasies while thinking about Linda. And she speaks to him in his fantasy:

Hi Brad. You know, I’ve always found you very cute. I think you are very sexy. Come with me!

Considering that Pitt’s character is also called Brad, and Linda’s words were spoken by his ex-wife, this scene became very popular on the Web, and during the readings made all the actors smile.

Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Shia LaBeouf, Jimmy Kimmel, Ray Liotta, and Henry Golding also took part in the readings.

Brad and Jen met in 1998 and tied the knot in 2000. They co-starred for the only time on an episode of Friends, which aired in November 2001. The couple broke up in January 2005, and then finally divorced in October of that year.