Jeff Bridges shaved baldly amid treatment for serious illness

At the end of October, the Oscar winner shared the disappointing news with fans: he was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Jeff Bridges regularly shares the details of the treatment, constantly reassuring fans that he is winning in this difficult fight. The actor did not lose heart even after he had to say goodbye to his hair – no one had ever seen him like that.

Bridges also shared his thoughts on his personal website, which has been regularly updated since the cancer was identified. “Well… a new portion of what I would like to point out. Music – we need it, man, and all the musicians are now working hard to make a living in covid conditions, ”the actor wrote, urging fans to support his“ dear friend ”John Goodwin in the network.

Jeff also left a link to donate to No Kid Hungry and said, “Our children’s health can serve as a compass to tell if we’re on the right track or not, we’re off course now.”

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