Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife becomes the richest American woman

The status of Amazon’s founder and the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos has reached 188 billion dollars, thereby updating the historical maximum. Forbes calculated and on Saturday reported that Jeff’s ex-wife MacKenzie, who owns a 4% stake in his company, is also fit to celebrate financial success. After all, now she is the richest woman in the United States.

According to Forbes, in just the past week, Mackenzie’s fortune has increased by 6 billion and now stands at 62.3 billion. Thus, she managed to remove Alice Walton, the heiress of the Walmart Empire, from the podium of the richest American woman. But this is certainly not the limit: according to analysts, already in 2026, Jeff Bezos could become the first trillionaire in the world: his company’s shares continue to grow steadily, and there is no reason to doubt such a businessman. If this happens, then Mackenzie is likely to become the richest woman in the whole world, and not just in the United States of America. And now nothing is separating her from this status – just some $ 2 billion: the first place in the world so far is occupied by the granddaughter of L’Oréal founder Francoise Betancourt-Mayer with a fortune of $ 64 billion.

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