Jeff Bezos to allocate 10 billion to fight climate change

The Bezos Foundation will start issuing grants this summer.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced the creation of a new fund to support scientists, activists, and organizations that are engaged in the fight against climate change. As Bezos said in his Instagram, “for a start” he plans to allocate $ 10 billion.

A fund called Bezos Earth Fund will start issuing grants this summer. Bezos’s promised amount is less than 8 percent of his estimated $ 130 billion fortune. At the same time, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, this is one of the largest charitable donations in history. Bezos is ahead of Warren Buffett, who donated $ 36 billion in 2006, and the late wife of Walmart founder Helen Walton, who gave $ 16.4 billion to charity in 2007.

“Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet,” Bezos wrote in a post. – I want to work with other people to activate known ways to combat the devastating effects of climate change and find new ones.”

In May last year, thousands of Amazon employees signed a letter asking the company’s management how it plans to fight climate change, and in September, many employees took part in a strike demanding more efforts in this direction.

On the eve of the strike, the company promised to reach zero carbon emissions by 2040 – ten years before the deadline set by the Paris climate agreement. The company also promises to use 100,000 electric trucks to deliver its products by 2024.

“We need collective efforts from large companies, small companies, states, international organizations, and individuals,” Bezos said.

The Amazon employees Association, which organized the strike, said in response: “We welcome Jeff Bezos’s charity project, but you can’t give with one hand what you take with the other.” The Association called on the company to stop working with oil and gas companies and think tanks that deny climate change.

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