Jeep unveils the most powerful version of the Wrangler SUV

Jeep began selling the Renegade and Compass hybrid crossovers, denoted by the 4xe prefix, earlier this year. Following them, the classic SUV Wrangler also acquired a hybrid modification with the ability to recharge the battery.

The power plant of the electrified Wrangler includes a 2-liter gasoline turbo “four”, an 8-speed “automatic” and two electric motors. One of them is a belt-driven starter-generator that assists the internal combustion engine when starting off and stores energy when braking, the second electric motor is built into the transmission instead of a torque converter and develops 136 hp. and 425 Nm of torque.

The total output of the Wrangler 4xe hybrid installation is 381 hp. and 637 Nm. A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 17 kWh is installed under the rear seats – thanks to it, an SUV must travel up to 40 km on one electric traction. It is known that the hybrid Wrangler can force a ford up to 760 mm deep.

The gasoline-electric Wrangler will be offered in three versions. In addition to the base one, these are also Sahara 4xe and Rubicon 4xe with differential locks at the front and rear.

In the European market, the Wrangler 4xe will begin sales early next year. The prices in the company have not yet been announced.

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