JBL conceived to make “eternal” headphones on solar energy

JBL has announced wireless headphones Reflect Eternal, which are charged from solar energy. Therefore, according to the creators, under certain conditions, the gadget will be able to work forever.

The company launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo to create wireless headphones. At the moment, there are 29 days until the end of the crowdfunding campaign, but the required number of buyers has already been exceeded.

When creating headphones JBL uses the material Powerfoyle from the Swedish company Exeger, which covers the rim. It allegedly converts solar and even artificial light into energy to recharge constantly the device.

The company claims that an hour and a half outside in sunlight, when the rays hit the material directly, will provide 68 hours of music playback. If the rays will stay on the material of 2,5 hours, the working time will increase to “almost infinite.” Those who are less fortunate with the weather will have to charge the headphones in the usual way, with the help of a cable.

The headphones can be connected to a smartphone, laptop or another device via Bluetooth 5.0. They also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.
So far, it’s still a headphone concept. JBL promises to ship it to customers in October 2020. Headphones will cost 165 dollars; the first ordered they would cost 99 dollars.

Author: Flyn Braun
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