Jared Padalecki is ready to star in the movie based on “Supernatural”

The series “Supernatural” will end in just a couple of months, after spending 15 years on the air, and, of course, everyone is interested in how the life of the actors of the show will turn out after this era. Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) already has a good plan for getting the lead role in the Tough Walker reboot. But, as it turned out, the actor is not averse to hunting evil spirits again, if he is given such an opportunity.

Jared recently became a guest on the Inside of You podcast, and when host Michael Rosenbaum asked him if he had any plans to make a film called Supernatural, the actor replied that he “really hopes so.” Of course, while the idea of ​​a full-length picture is only in the air, the fans are not ready to finally say goodbye to the Winchesters, so any offshoot of the series will surely be accepted with a bang.

The show finale makes a wide variety of spin-offs possible, including the hunt story of Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Rufus (Stephen Williams), or the childhood memories of Sam and Dean, and even if one of the brothers dies in the final episode of Supernatural means that the series has no future. So it is likely that Padalecki’s dream will come true and he will be able to return to his role.

While some seasons of the show have been criticized for its inconsistent storyline and controversial character actions, Supernatural has turned out to be a great and memorable series overall, and fans will be happy to return in any form. Recall that the next episode will be released on screens on October 8, and viewers will see the final on November 19.