Jared Leto lost his Oscar statuette three years ago

American rock musician and actor Jared Leto recently admitted that he had long lost the Oscar statuette, which he received for Best Supporting Actor in 2014.

The 49-year-old artist took part in the James Corden evening show, in one of the episodes of which he said: “I found out that she had been missing for about three years. And I had no idea. ” Jared suggested that this might have happened during the next move. The whole family was engaged in searches for the statuette after the loss, but they were in vain. The actor admitted that he really hopes that his award is now in “good hands” and the new owner will take care of it.

Since that night in 2014, when the artist received the Oscar, he loved to share the statuette with others, and when it disappeared, he expressed the hope that this symbol now brings joy to someone else.

“I remember the night I received it, I gave it to so many people to hold it. I didn’t see her at midnight. People had fun taking pictures with her, ”Jared said.

Leto is far from the only celebrity to have lost an Oscar. However, the film academy is in no hurry to issue a replacement to its owners. One such example is actress Hattie McDaniel, who won 1940 Best Supporting Actress award in Gone With the Wind. As reported in Variety, the actress bequeathed her statuette to Howard University, where it disappeared in the 1960s. There is an assumption that the Oscar was stolen. The film academy refused to issue a “duplicate”.

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