Japanese scientists have developed a technology that frees people from fear

On the pages of the popular publication The Nature, materials of scientific development by Japanese specialists have appeared which report on a method that helps to “change” the work of the brain, depriving it of a sense of fear and increasing its confidence.

For reasons beyond their control, many people are subject to the constant presence of such psychological states as fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. The new technology is called “Decoded Neurofeedback” (DecNef). Previously, scientists have tried to create this kind of way to deal with fears. Modern developments have shown that the use of DecNef can help people learn to control the work of their brain.

To conduct the study, the researchers invited 60 volunteers. The use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) helped them track all the brain changes during the study. At the beginning of the tests, the volunteers were shown pictures of a frightening nature. Then, when viewing the next frightening picture, the participant received a certain monetary reward. As a result, such monetary reinforcement was able to rearrange the work of the brain in such a way that the next viewing of horror stories no longer caused such a violent reaction in the brain of the participants.

“Our study shows that simply and repeatedly receiving the reward of encountering a fear-inducing pattern alters a person’s original memory and mental state. We believe that the use of the decoded neurofeedback approach can be used to treat phobias, on a par with the existing traditional methods of treating similar disorders” said Aurelio Cortese, author of the project.

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