Japanese companies have halted half of their businesses in Europe and the US

Major industrial Japanese companies partially suspended their operations in Europe and the United States due to the coronavirus, the Nikkei newspaper reported on March 30, citing its survey of the heads of 100 major Japanese corporations.

As a result of the survey, the newspaper’s correspondents found that at the moment, Japanese companies have already stopped their production capacity in the US by 49%, and in Europe, this figure has reached 58%.

The main reason for the suspension of production abroad was the consequences of the outbreak of coronavirus infection in the world. The pandemic of a dangerous disease has led to a decrease in demand for products, also, in most countries, the authorities have introduced restrictive measures that have led to a halt in production.

At the same time, Japanese analysts note that in contrast to production in Europe and the United States, Japanese companies in China are gradually restoring their work. So, according to the newspaper’s experts, about 80% of Japanese factories have already started their work in China again.

Author: Flyn Braun
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