Japan will send a probe into the orbit of the moon

Japan will send a research probe into the orbit of the moon. The mission will begin within five years, the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA), quoted by Kyodo, said in a statement.

A miniature device (most likely a CubeSat satellite) will be delivered to the orbit of an artificial Earth satellite on a solid-state rocket. According to the authors of the project, it will be cheaper than sending a probe on a liquid-fuel carrier rocket.

The essence of the mission is not disclosed. According to the agency, the launch is connected with the desire of Japan to enter the competition for the exploration of the moon, which has already entered China, the USA, Europe and Russia.

Meanwhile, JAXA has already entered into an agreement with NASA, according to which space agencies together will launch a permanent research station into the orbit of the moon.

In addition, Japan is developing systems for sending unmanned cargo ships to the moon.

Author: Flyn Braun
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