Japan may cancel New Year’s events with the participation of the Imperial family

Over the past week, more than a thousand new coronavirus infection cases have been recorded in the country every day.

The Japanese Imperial court administration is considering canceling New Year’s events with the Imperial family’s participation, traditionally held for the local population in January, due to the situation with the spread of coronavirus. This was reported on Monday by the Kyodo news agency.

Every year on the first days of January, tens of thousands of Japanese residents gather in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo to see the Imperial couple. The Emperor and Empress and other Imperial family members go out on a special balcony protected by bulletproof glass several times during the day and greet the audience. It is noted that the last time this traditional event was canceled in 1990 on the occasion of national mourning, declared in connection with the death of Emperor Hirohito.

Over the past week, more than a thousand new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded daily in Japan. Local authorities recognize that we may be talking about the third wave of coronavirus. The dynamics of the increase in new cases of infection worsened in Japan amid the easing of restrictive measures in the country and the domestic tourism industry’s recovery.

Currently, there are practically no restrictions on doing business in the country due to the pandemic. Wearing protective masks is recommended, and there are no penalties for their absence, but even on the streets, residents prefer to use this personal protective equipment.

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