Jamie Dornan from ’50 Shades of Gray’ decided to quit alcohol

Jamie Dornan, 38, spoke with girlfriend Eve Hewson, daughter of singer Bono, in a special interview for Wonderland Magazine. In a conversation, he said for the first time that he had decided to eliminate alcohol from life, at least for a while.

“I decided not to drink until the end of the year. It’s my fifth day now, but I’m not trying just for fun, ”said Jamie. According to him, in this way, he wants to express support for his wife Amelia Warner, who does not drink alcohol in principle. Dornan decided on an experiment during self-isolation and became carried away by it, setting himself a new task – to hold out until January.

Jamie and Amelia are the parents of seven-year-old Daisy, four-year-old Elva and one and a half-year-old Elberta.

Recall that last year, the actor talked about alcohol abuse in his youth when he struggled with depression and turned to alcohol after the tragic death of his mother and four friends within one year.

When Jamie was 16 years old, his mother died of pancreatic cancer, and a year later, his good friends crashed in a terrible car accident. Then he dropped out and started drinking every day. Dornan was told that he was depressed in one of his job interviews. Only after that, the actor decided to seek help from specialists.

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