James Cameron finishes filming Avatar 2, but does not premiere soon

Director James Cameron gave an interview to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of promoting the Austrian environmental summit. The Avatar franchise has a pronounced ecological component, so it is not surprising that we are talking about it. During the interview, the director told how things are with the filming of Avatars:

COVID-19 has impacted us like everyone else. We lost about four and a half months. As a result, the premiere of Avatar 2 had to be postponed for a year, until December 2022. But this does not mean that I have an extra year of work on the film. As soon as work on “Avatar 2” is finished, we will immediately take up “Avatar 3”. We are now in New Zealand and continue to shoot. We are 100% finished filming Avatar 2 and about 95% finished Avatar 3. So we are very fortunate that we chose New Zealand as our production site many years ago.

Cameron also complained that he could not tell anything about the plot of the new films, but invited Schwarzenegger to come to the set. In a personal meeting, he is ready to reveal some of the secrets of new films.

The total budget for the four new Avatar films is rumored to be around $1 billion. After the release of the second part, the rest are planned to be released every two years. The third Avatar is due out in 2024, the fourth in 2026, and Avatar 5 in 2028.

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