‘James Bond: No Time to Die’ may be postponed until the summer 2021

The premiere of a new James Bond movie “No Time to Die” was the first this year to be postponed because of a coronavirus. At the moment, the release of the picture on the screens is scheduled for November 20 this year. Fan site MI6 HQ reports that it has reliable information that MGM and Universal are discussing the possibility of postponing the premiere until next summer.

The film will not be released digitally before its premiere in theaters, so studios need to be sure that theaters around the world are fully operational. Based on this, a decision will be made to postpone the premiere date.

In any case, it is known for sure that the film will be the last for Daniel Craig as James Bond. He comments:

‘That’s all, it’s over. I am incredibly glad that I got a chance to come back and star in one more. And we did our best, we put all our efforts into it. I know this sounds simplistic, but I say again: we did it!’