Jacob Elordi dumped Zendaya for Kaia Gerber

Talk of Jacob Elordi’s romance with his Euphoria co-star Zendaya began in 2019. According to Standford magazine, the actors were friends for a long time, and after filming ended, their friendship grew into a romance. In 2020, the couple spent several months together. It was reported that Elordi even got to know Zendaya’s parents.

However, in the same year, Jacob met Kaia Gerber, and his relationship with Zendaya soon ended, Standford notes, citing a source. Gerber and Elordi confirmed their romance last Halloween: they published a joint photo, for which they reincarnated as Elvis Presley and his wife, Priscilla.

Before this, Gerber and Elordi were regularly seen during joint walks and shopping trips. For a long time, the couple was careful, but they began to show feelings over time, not being afraid of the paparazzi. And in September, Jacob, along with the Kayi family, went on vacation to Mexico.

Young people do not advertise their relationship. Most insiders talk about them. At the end of last year, a source said: “Jacob and Kaya barely leave Malibu. They enjoy the beaches, go hiking, meet mutual friends. He is very nice to her. They look great together. They love each other. Obviously, Cindy and Randy accepted Jacob. They spend a lot of time together, ” said the informant.

Author: Sam Smith
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