Jack Sparrow’s son may appear in the new Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney is working hard on two new instalments of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, neither of which will feature the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. Of course, the box office receipts of the latest films were no longer in any comparison with the previous indicators, and now that the story has lost its main character, it risks losing its relevance altogether.

Disney currently has the sixth storyline in development, directed by Joachim Rönning, and a female spin-off starring Margot Robbie, which will be produced by Christina Hodson. Of course, Depp’s chances of returning to the franchise are now even smaller than ever, but it looks like fans will see some reminder of the wacky pirate.

The day before, Daniel Richtman said that Disney is now considering the idea of ​​including long-lost son Jack Sparrow in the plot of one of the upcoming projects to make up for Johnny’s absence. “Disney will be introducing lost son Jack to bring another Sparrow to the franchise,” said an insider.

Of course, such a “substitution” looks too frankly as an attempt to revive interest in the franchise, while leaving Depp aside, and the audience will immediately feel this fake. However, Disney will still have the last word. While the upcoming parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean” do not even have an approximate release date.

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