Italy proposes EU to introduce mutual checks for tourists on COVID-19

Italy is proposing that European countries introduce common mutual checks for coronavirus for travelers, Deputy Health Minister Sandra Zampa said in an interview.

“We are finalizing a cooperation agreement with the Italian Minister of health, Roberto Speranza, to ensure reciprocity with all European countries, starting with France and Germany. Those who leave and those who come will have to pass the test. It’s a way to get back to traveling, but safe,” she told Corriere Della Sera newspaper.

The head of the Ministry of Speranza yesterday proposed to conduct mutual testing at airports.

“If someone from Italy goes to Madrid or Paris, they are checked on arrival, just like a passenger from Spain or France arriving in Italy. This measure should apply to all citizens regardless of nationality,” the Minister said, quoted by the Huffington Post.

According to official data of the Italian Ministry of Health, the total number of cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the Apennines exceeded 268 thousand, more than 208 thousand patients recovered, and 35,477 people became victims. At the end of August, the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in Italy reached levels of 1.3-1.4 thousand per day, which corresponds to the levels of early-mid-May, when the country still had quarantine restrictions.

Since June 3, Italy has allowed residents of the Apennines to move freely around the country, and citizens of the Schengen countries and the UK-to make trips to their territory. Since June 15, Italians have been visiting other European countries as travelers without the obligation to undergo quarantine. However, in mid-August, Italy introduced mandatory testing for coronavirus for visitors from Croatia, Spain, Greece, and Malta.