Italy declares nationwide quarantine for Christmas and New Year

The whole of Italy will become a “red zone” during the holidays from December 24 to January 6, which means the introduction of a nationwide quarantine for this time, similar to what was announced in March. This decision, in connection with the pandemic, was announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

“All of Italy is a “red zone” from December 24 to January 6. This implies a ban on leaving the house unnecessarily,” Conte said. All stores are closed, except for grocery stores and pharmacies. Barber shops are still open. It is forbidden to move from region to region. Bars and restaurants will not work, but takeaway service is possible.

It is recommended to spend holidays only with family members with whom you live permanently. But it is possible to accept two guests accompanied by children under 14 years of age.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that minimum allowances are allowed from December 28 to 30 and January 4. In particular, shops will be able to open (until 21.00), and it is possible to leave the city of permanent residence. However, any movement must be justified.

“The state cannot control what happens in homes, but our measures are aimed at limiting movement as much as possible,” Conte explained. According to him, taking these measures, the government was guided by the considerations and conclusions of experts who warn about the risk of an increase in the number of infections.

Earlier, the government has already introduced a general ban on movement between the regions from January 21 and maintained a curfew, including New Year’s Eve. But according to the previous decree, restaurants could work at lunchtime and on Christmas Day, and on January 1.

In Italy, jokes about “red Christmas” have already appeared»: this color is traditional for the main Catholic holiday. It is customary to hold it in an extended family structure. Many people come from different cities for the annual family meeting.

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