It became known about the new side effect of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine

A participant in a trial of a coronavirus vaccine developed by the American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer and the German company BioNTech told RAC1 radio about the side effects that appeared the day after the drug was administered.

According to Spaniard Miguel Fernandez, who lives in the United States, the symptoms were similar to a “very serious” flu.

“Fever, malaise, and general weakness. But it all lasted about five hours,” he described his condition.

The man received two doses of the vaccine. However, the head of the study warned that after the first dose of the drug for participants with side effects, the body’s reaction to repeated administration of the vaccine would be even stronger.

Fernandez noted that on the day of vaccination, he had a fever, weakness, discomfort, and the injection site was swollen.

“However, just as it was after the first dose, the symptoms disappeared the next day,” he explained.

More than 43,000 people in six countries took part in testing the vaccine. Previously, the side effects of this drug have been reported: test participants complained of headaches, aches, and fever, and many compared the sensations to a “severe hangover.” The new vaccine trial was conducted “blindly”: patients did not know whether they were injected with Pfizer or a placebo.

Earlier, Biotech and Pfizer reported the successful completion of the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine: the drug showed more than 90 percent effectiveness against COVID-19. The application for its registration in the United States is planned to be submitted in November.

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