It became known about the first allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine in the United States

The first case of an allergic reaction to the coronavirus vaccine from the company Moderna was recorded in a medical worker with an allergy to crustaceans, reports CNN.

“After I received the vaccine, I felt tachycardia, but I thought it might be because of anxiety-I was scared after I learned about the reactions to (the vaccine company) Pfizer in the United States, especially among people who are allergic to crustaceans, like me,” Doctor Hossein Sadrzadeh, who had an allergic reaction, told the TV channel.

He said that six to seven minutes after the vaccine was administered, he also felt a “tingling and numbness” in his throat and tongue, similar to his reaction to crustaceans. Also, the doctor’s blood pressure dropped. The medic injected himself with the drug EpiPen, used in the event of life-threatening allergic reactions, and he was sent to the intensive care unit. Four hours later, he was discharged.

Moderna spokesman Ray Jordan told the station that “Moderna cannot confirm the incident.” Simultaneously, according to him, through the internal security reporting system, the company received a message about a potential side effect and is investigating the incident.

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