Is Hayley Atwell a new girlfriend of Tom Cruise?

Several publications at once reported about the new novel of 58-year-old Tom Cruise. Insiders claim that the actor was seriously carried away by his colleague in the seventh part of the movie “Mission Impossible”, 38-year-old Hayley Atwell. Rumour has it that Tom and Hayley got along on set from the very first day, and after a while they really became close.

Lockdown and all the difficulties associated with it brought them closer together. Recently, they have become almost inseparable, – said a source from the production company in an interview with The Sun.

At the same time, other insiders argue that rumours about the romance of Tom and Hayley are greatly exaggerated. According to sources cited by People, Cruise and Atwell do communicate, but there is no romance between them.

Be that as it may, Hayley Atwell is the first girl who was seriously talked about in the press in the context of relations with Tom Cruise after his high-profile divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012 (from this marriage the actor has a daughter, Suri).

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