Irina Shayk celebrated the birthday of her daughter Lea

Irina Shayk shared with subscribers pictures from the holiday, which she organized in honour of her daughter Lea’s fourth birthday. The girl’s birthday was still on March 21, but the big party seems to have taken place later.

The birthday girl herself got into only one photo – the girl can be seen in a heap of paper garlands. Adults seem to be delighted with the decor of the holiday. 35-year-old Irina happily posed with a tiara on her head and her friend, model Stella Maxwell, at the ballerina’s dressing table. The entire hall was decorated in this style: everywhere, there were pink ballet tutus, flowers, pink balloons and sweets.

Irina turned to Russian specialist Vlada Chizhevskaya for help. She owns an agency that is engaged in organizing children’s parties.

Russians know how to do it, – Irina signed one of the stories.

Recall that Shayk recently sent Leia to Russian language courses. She considers it important for her daughter to get acquainted with her mother’s native country’s culture. The girl’s father, the 46-year-old Bradley Cooper, fully supported this because he himself sought to learn more about Russia and even tried to learn several children’s songs in Russian so that Lea could sing them. He even demonstrated his skills in one of the French TV shows.

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