‘Iranian Angelina Jolie’ to be jailed for 10 years

Iranian Sahar Tabar, famous for her appearance similar to the creepy version of Angelina Jolie, was sentenced to ten years in prison, The Daily Mail reports.

She was accused of blasphemy, incitement to violence, earning income in unacceptable ways, and encouraging corruption among young people. Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad spoke with Tabar’s lawyer, who confirmed that the girl had indeed received such a sentence.

She turned to the American actress for help. “Sugar Tabar is only 19 years old. Her mother cries every day to free her innocent daughter. Dear Angelina Jolie! We need your support, ” Alinejad wrote.

In April, the blogger contracted the coronavirus. Khishwand was initially transferred to a prison quarantine facility, but her condition continued to deteriorate. The prison administration was forced to allow hospitalization. To continue treatment, the girl was taken to a hospital in Tehran.

Fatima Hishwand, better known under the pseudonym Sugar Tabar, became famous in 2018 after the publication of photographs in which she looked like Angelina Jolie and a zombie at the same time. Later, the girl admitted that she created this image using makeup and Photoshop, and showed her real face. She went to jail after being arrested in October 2019.

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