Iran urged the UN Security Council to influence the destabilizing policy of the United States

Iran asks the UN Security Council and the international community to call on the United States to stop destabilizing steps in the Persian Gulf, according to a letter from Iran’s Charge d’affaires to the UN Eshag Al-Habib.

“US military adventurism in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman (the Arabian Sea) has intensified, especially in recent weeks. In addition to sending advanced and high-tech weapons to the region over the past few weeks, the United States has committed some provocative military actions,” the author of the letter, which was distributed by the Iranian permanent mission to the United Nations, writes.

According to him, such provocative actions include US strategic bombers’ flights over the Persian Gulf in recent days.

According to al-Habib, such confrontational measures have exacerbated the already tense situation in this unstable region. Such militant tendencies can escalate the situation to an alarming level, he writes. “It is clear that the United States bears full responsibility for all consequences,” the letter said.

“Since such military adventurism is clearly contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN and has serious consequences for regional and international peace and security, we expect that the UN Security Council will force the United States to comply with the principles and rules of international law and (encourage) stopping these illegal measures. Similarly, the international community should demand that the United States stop its destabilizing measures in a volatile region such as the Persian Gulf,” the letter says.

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