Iran refused to share information about the crash with Ukraine

Earlier, President Zelensky said that Iran initially knew that a missile shot down the Ukrainian plane.

Tehran said it would no longer share information with Kyiv about the crash of a Ukrainian plane in January after a Ukrainian TV channel released an audio recording of talks between Iranian air traffic controllers.

The audio recording, which was broadcast on the 1+1 TV channel on Sunday evening, contains talks between the pilot of the incoming plane and two air traffic controllers, who speak in Farsi about the “light from the rocket” visible along the plane’s route.

For the first few days after the crash, Iran denied that its missile shot down the plane.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said the audio recording “proves that the Iranian side knew from the very beginning that the [Ukrainian] plane was shot down by a missile.”

Experts believe that the Iranian authorities got access to these records immediately after the disaster.

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