Iran refused to fulfill certain obligations under the nuclear deal

Tehran informed Federica Mogherini in detail about its decision. Notifications were also sent to representatives of four countries. Tehran will not comply with limits on reserves of uranium and heavy water.

Iran sent a notification to the Ambassador of Germany, Great Britain, China and Russia on the decision to “suspend the performance of certain obligations” in the framework of the so-called nuclear deal, reports Tasnim Agency. The decision to suspend the implementation of obligations was taken by the Supreme National Security Council of Iran.

The Agency notes that Tehran informed the EU high representative for Foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini as the coordinator of the deal on the nuclear program about the details.

The full text of the statement is published on the website of the President of Iran. It States that the countries participant of the deal did not take concrete steps to “compensate the damage from US sanctions.” Because of this, Tehran sees no other choice but to “reduce its obligations.”

Iran, in particular, will not comply with the agreement to limit the stocks of enriched uranium and heavy water. The statement said that other countries will have 60 days to fulfill their obligations, “especially in the banking sector and in the field of oil fields.” If this does not happen, Iran, in addition to renouncing the conditions for uranium enrichment, will suspend the modernization of the heavy water nuclear reactor in Arak. Under the terms of the nuclear deal, Tehran has pledged not to use this reactor to produce weapons-grade plutonium.

Author: Flyn Braun
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