Iran has received offers to supply weapons from several countries

Tehran has received offers to supply military equipment and defensive weapons from several countries and plans to take specific steps after the restrictions are lifted, Kazem Jalali, the Islamic Republic’s Ambassador to Russia, told in an interview.

He recalled that the period of the special regime of arms supplies to Iran, agreed in the framework of the Joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear program, expires in the fall of 2020.

“The provision of defense needs is a legitimate right of Iran, and after the end of restrictions, the necessary actions will be taken. Until now, Iran has received offers for the supply of military equipment and defensive weapons, but the existing restrictions did not allow transactions in this area,” Jalali said.

In July 2015, Iran and the six international negotiators reached a historic agreement to resolve the long-standing problem of the Iranian atom. Months of negotiations concluded with the adoption of a joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPA), which is completely removed from Iran’s previously imposed economic and financial sanctions by the UN Security Council, US, and EU. The agreement also stipulated that the arms embargo would be lifted from Iran within 5 years, and arms deliveries would be possible earlier, but only with the permission of the UN Security Council. The deal in its original form did not last three years: in May 2018, the US announced a unilateral withdrawal from it and the restoration of strict sanctions against Tehran.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told that the current special regime for the supply of weapons and military equipment to Iran after five years should expire, and there can be no deviations from this decision. At the same time, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo noted that the United States would do everything to extend the arms embargo against Iran and prevent Tehran from purchasing weapons from Russia or China.

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