Iran has called the US sanctions against the country as “the greatest crime in history”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the United States, by imposing “unfair, inhumane and illegal” anti-Iranian sanctions, caused $150 billion in damage to the country and accused Washington of brutality.

“They even stopped the transfer of medicines, medicines, and food, we had not seen such cruel people in the White House before… they committed the greatest atrocity in history,” Rouhani said at a meeting of the working group on fighting the coronavirus, his words are quoted on the official website.

Rouhani stressed that “if people want to blame someone for the deficit and problems in the country, it should be addressed to the White House.” According to him, “the White House is responsible for all these crimes.”

On Thursday, the US added two Iranian citizens and four Iranian organizations to the sanctions lists, including three prisons. One of the listed judges is Seyed Mahmoud Sadati, a judge of the Shiraz revolutionary court, and the other is Mashhad Mohammad Soltani, a Judge of the Mashhad revolutionary court. The number of sanctioned organizations entered the Revolutionary court of Shiraz and three prisons.