Iran has called on the US authorities to stop violence against its citizens

The Iranian foreign ministry called on the US authorities to stop violence against its citizens, referring to the words of an African-American who died during detention that he could not breathe.

During the briefing, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi addressed both the US authorities and US citizens in English, expressing support for the latter because of the “oppressed situation” they oppose.

“A message to American officials and police: stop the violence against your citizens, let them breathe,” Mousavi said, addressing the authorities.

Riots broke out in Minneapolis and several other cities in the United States after the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of police. Videos surfaced on the Internet showing police officers handcuffing Floyd, knocking him down, and three of them leaning on him, with one of them putting a knee on his neck. Floyd, in the video, says several times that he can’t breathe, then goes quiet. He died in intensive care. Four police officers were fired after the riots began, and one of them was charged with negligent homicide.

Author: John Kessler
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