Iran called the possible extension of the arms embargo a violation of the UN resolution

Attempts to change the schedule for lifting the arms embargo on Iran are tantamount to undermining UN Security Council resolution 2231, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said at a Security Council meeting.

The US is seeking an extension of the arms embargo against Iran that expires in the fall. The United States recently submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council.

“The timetable for lifting restrictions on arms transfers, as reflected in resolution 2231, is an integral part of the hard-won compromise that allowed the JCPOA participants to finalize the overall package of the JCPOA and resolution 2231. The resolution calls for its “full implementation on schedule.” Any attempt to change or amend the agreed timetable is thus tantamount to undermining resolution 2231 as a whole,” Zarif said.

He called on the Security Council not to allow the US to disrupt this process.