Iran accused the US of trying to start a war

The US tried to undermine Iran’s security and initiate a war in the country, said Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Twitter.

“The US plan is that with the help of sanctions and subversive work against security, they could create problems, contradictions and unleash a civil war in our country,” Khamenei said.

He noted that Washington failed to do this, but Iran needs to remain vigilant.

On May 8, the US President Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear program and signed a decree on the two-stage restoration of sanctions against Iran. Additional the US sanctions against Iran, which covered oil exports, came into force on November 5.

Russia supports the preservation and strict implementation of the Joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear programme. EU countries also announced that they are going to continue to fulfill the terms of the deal.

The Iranian nuclear deal was concluded between Tehran and six world powers (Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China, USA, France) in 2015. Iran has pledged to limit its nuclear program, placing it under international control, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions by the UN, the US and the EU.

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