Iran accused Israel of provocations against the United States

Israeli agents are preparing attacks on US positions to create a pretext for starting a war, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, citing intelligence data from Iraq.

The corresponding statement was made against the background of US media reports about a possible attack by Iran aimed at US forces in Iraq.

“New intelligence data from Iraq shows that Israeli agents-provocateurs are planning attacks on Americans, embarrassing the outgoing Trump with a fake excuse for war,” Zarif wrote on Twitter.

The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic has previously reported a conspiracy to start a war with Iran. He advised Donald Trump to “beware of the trap.”

“Any fireworks display will end badly, especially for your best friends,” Zarif said.

Relations between Tehran and Washington once again strained at the beginning of last year, when the American embassy was repeatedly subjected to missile attacks.

The attacks began after the night of January 3; US troops killed the general of the elite Iranian Special Forces “Al-Quds” IRGC Qassem Suleimani. On the night of January 8, Iran launched a missile attack on the US military infrastructure in Iraq. Simultaneously, the number of victims of this attack was not disclosed but periodically increased, as reported by the American media.

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