iPhone shipments will be limited worldwide due to coronavirus

Apple will restrict iPhone shipments worldwide due to a coronavirus outbreak in China. This is reported in a press release on its website.

The report notes that as “the public health response to COVID-19 continues,” the company will double its previously announced donation to support the fight against a new type of coronavirus.
Unfortunately, the company’s quarterly report for January 28 this year reflects more optimistic estimates of the rate of return to work after the end of the “extended” Chinese New year on February 10 than it is. Apple is returning to previous conditions more slowly than expected. And there are two main factors for this.

First, iPhone shipments around the world will be temporarily limited. “Although our iPhone partner sites are located outside Hubei province — and although all of these sites have been reopened — they are increasing the pace more slowly than we expected,” the press release said.

Second, this situation affected the demand for Apple products in China, as all their stores in China, as well as their partner stores, were closed. Moreover, the opened points work in the reduced mode and with very low traffic of buyers. But the company promises to gradually open all its retail stores.

At the same time, demand outside of China was in line with the organization’s expectations.

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