iPhone and ultrasound help diagnose coronavirus remotely

iPhone and ultrasound will help diagnose coronavirus remotely. This will reduce the risk of infection for healthcare providers.

Startup Butterfly Network introduced a new device – Butterfly IQ. It will help doctors remotely diagnose coronavirus using only ultrasound equipment in the form of a small wand and iPhone. It can also be connected to Android devices.

With this gadget you can explore the lungs. This is one of the main methods for determining coronavirus in the area of ​​irregular darkening or thickening around the pleura or membranes surrounding the lungs.

Experts note that the main advantage of the development is that the patient can use it. It is enough for him to connect it to his iPhone and receive remote instructions from his doctor. So specialists can do a full examination without meeting a patient.

Startup started its development after the spread of the coronavirus around the world. They decided that the new device should help establish a diagnosis without the need for contact with the patient. Moreover, if the disease proceeds without complications, the patient can be treated at home and periodically undergo examinations. Thus, he will not be able to transmit coronavirus to medical personnel.

The company added that for diagnosis does not require special knowledge. The first examination can only be preliminary, if the doctor noticed signs of the disease, he can control the depth of the ultrasound signal or by recording a photo or video for further examinations.