iPhone 12 Leaks: new Box design with NO accessories

Several sources have already confirmed that Apple this year will remove charging and wired headphones from a set of iPhones. Thus, the company wants to reduce the cost of devices in order to compensate for the price increase due to the introduction of 5G support.

In a new video, the blogger EverythingApplePro showed how the box of iPhone 12 with a reduced configuration will look like. Only the smartphone itself, the Lightning cable, and the documentation will remain in the box. Due to this, the packaging of Apple smartphones will become much smaller.

According to analysts and insiders, in this way Apple can solve several problems at once – reduce the cost of new iPhones, simplify and reduce the cost of logistics (boxes will become smaller), and at the same time help the environment, saving the planet from unnecessary electronics. The company is already conducting a survey among users from Brazil to find out what they are doing with old charges.

It is assumed that most people at home have a supply of chargers from older smartphones and other gadgets. And whoever does not have them will be able to buy an Apple-branded adapter or charging from any other manufacturer.

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