iPhone 12 became the best-selling 5G smartphone in 2020

Analyst firm Counterpoint has counted all 5G smartphones sold worldwide in October. The first places were taken by iPhone 12 and 12 Pro – they together occupied a share of 24%. They are followed by Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Huawei Nova 7 and Huawei P40.

The first 5G smartphones appeared two years ago, so Apple didn’t even make it into the ranks of the first manufacturers. The company took a different path and released the iPhone 12 lineup with 5G support for all markets, while other companies often release individual modifications. So, for example, there is a Galaxy Note20 with and without 5G for selected markets.

There is one exception for the iPhone 12 line – for the market, there is a separate modification of smartphones with support for the mmWave millimetre-wave range, which provides greater speed. These models even differ externally; they have a plastic insert for the antenna on the side of the case. In the rest of the world, iPhones only work with the Sub-6 GHz band.

If the trend continues further, then Apple could become the manufacturer with the most 5G smartphones in a few months. Now Samsung is the leader in this parameter.

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